Our desire is for quality, national brand
merchandise, sold at reasonable prices.
We have many caskets to choose from, including non-protective, protective, various wood
species, steel (18-20 ga.), stainless steel, bronze, copper and cremation caskets.  
We have catalogs available for your selection.

Our urns include bronze, marble, simulated granite, various wood species and ceramic.
Some urns are appropriate for your home, some are more appropriate for a burial or niche
wall, and others are biodegradable urns for scattering at sea.
Before you purchase an urn that will be interred at a cemetery, call the cemetery.
Ask if there are restrictions on size and type.

Keepsakes and jewelery have become a popular way of keeping a small amount of
cremated remains.  Ask the counselors about the varieties that are available.

Cemetery Markers
Cemetery markers are generally manufactured from granite or bronze.  There are many
colors of granite to choose from, including black, grays, reds and blues.  We carry different
sizes, our price includes a standard design: Name(s), Date(s) and endearment.
Pictures, laser etchings and special requests are available at extra costs.

Veterans with honorable discharge documents are entitled to a free 12" x 24" marker; this
marker is made by the US Government, and shipped to any private cemetery (only for
veterans).  If burial takes place at a National Cemetery, they will provide the marker for
both veteran and spouse.

Memorial Books
Prayer Cards
Memorial Folders

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